Thursday, 24 February 2011

What does stillness mean to you?
How can you represent silence?

Margaret Sharrow is an artist exploring these questions and has an online proposal to create ULTIMATE STILLNESS at the North Pole (to read her proposal, see As a prelude to heading to the Arctic, she has organised an online exhibition of images of stillness and silence.

Phase 1 of ULTIMATE STILLNESS is now complete: forty-three artists have had work selected for the online Gallery (still), where you can browse thumbnail images or select an artist by name. There is also Gallery (mutable), where sizes and positioning of the thumbnails may change from time to time. Stillness in motion.

Phase 2 is about to begin: a series of interventions by Margaret Sharrow, using the work of the other ULTIMATE STILLNESS artists. A kind of dialogue, a collaboration by distance.

To hear all the news of ULTIMATE STILLNESS including the latest interventions, follow Margaret Sharrow on Facebook.

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