Sunday, 23 January 2011


The north pole is one of only two places on earth where the world stops turning. Can you feel the stillness?

My name is Margaret Sharrow, I'm an artist, and I'm so excited about my plans to share standing atop the world in a moment of silence. I'd invite others on the expedition to stand round the pole, dressed in red and bearing portraits of people who have brought peace and silence to the world. One by one they will stand on the pole, feeling inner and outer stillness as the world turns around them. They will also pass round the circle a plate of Italian crystal containing gold filaments, a work of art currently circling the world from one artist to another via FRAGILE - global performance chain journey.

Vote for me and I'll take dramatic photos of that event and everything else on the voyage, using digital and antique cameras. You'll see videos and share my stories and interviews on the blog. And I'll give you other ways to participate: I'll need nominations of people who've nurtured silence, to have their portraits carried to the pole. I'll organise silent circles round the world to experience stillness at the very moment the expedition reaches the pole. There will be a photo-book, and an exhibition that will tour the globe.